The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers 
Plymouth and Middleboro


The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers

Main Office

All transportation appointments and information

763 State Road, Plymouth MA

02360 508-224-0100


260 Centre Street, Middleboro MA 02364



The Nathan Hale  Foundation was incorporated on April 4, 2006.  The Foundation and  Veterans Outreach Centers were  founded solely by Christopher C. Hart President/Founder and Executive Director of the Plymouth and Middleboro Outreach Centers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center is non-profit, tax-exempt,  501 c(3) organization located  in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

We believe it is our civic duty to help the troops and their families who face personal hardships while serving our country.

Do you value your way of life?

Right now as you are reading this someone, that you do not know, is sacrificing their life so that you can live yours.  


The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center provides these programs FREE of charge to Veterans and their families:

TWO Outreach Centers - Plymouth and Middleborough


Transportation to and from medical appointments

Hale to the Arts ~ Painting Classes

Veterans Appreciation Dinners

Day Outings

Chair Massage


Food Pantry

Cycling Program

Clothing Outlet

Combat Stress/ Counseling

 Three Harts Farm Veteran's Growing Opportunities

The Nathan Hale Veterans Wellness Center



We LOVE what we do! 


Special thanks from the founder to the people who were most influential in the developing stages of the the Foundation and Outreach Centers. Their support and compassionate involement helped the Foundation obtain funding and continue to grow since 2005 .

 James Michael Fallon of Dorchester, MA           

Timothy Joyce of Kingston, MA

James Hansman of Duxbury, MA

Brennans Smoke Shop of Plymouth, MA

L. Knife and Son of Kingston, MA